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These are a few of my favourite things!

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A prompt to Start Writing, from the wonderful Sarah Peck. This is the perfect prompt that I actually desperately need today.

Write a list of at least 50 things that make you feel good.

  1. The ocean. The sea. The sea and the sky.
  2. Mountains. Hills. The moors and the highlands. Anything rolling.
  3. Books. Pages and pages and pages. Empty books, books with print, amazing fonts. Books with images.
  4. Tea. Black tea, Earl Grey, white tea, Darjeeling, ginger tea (Andrew just taught me this year: ginger tea is my new personal migraine solution.)
  5. Letters. Envelopes with handwriting, stamps, addresses, pictures, tape, secrets. Paper, lines and lines of stories. Anecdotes. Photos. Found things. The unfolding. (Yes, emails do count, if you craft them like a good letter).
  6. Correspondence. Linked to letters, but I feel good getting to know someone. Learning them. Seeing the way their world looks.
  7. Soft fabrics. Sheets, sweaters, blankets, socks.
  8. Skylights. Skylights that let the sunlight in. Skylights that show the stars.
  9. Pens. I can’t believe pens made it so far down on the list. Lamys, Pilot pens, .3, .4, .5 size pens. The random free pen from which I will mourn when it runs out. Uniball jet stream. And, the new Retro 51 Tornado Classic.
  10. Fresh air.
  11. Trains.
  12. Sofas you can sink into.
  13. Libraries.
  14. Hiking and camping.
  15. Seeing the stars.
  16. Ferries. Sailing. Kayaking. Boats on water.
  17. Music.
  18. Singing.
  19. Dancing. Jazz is fun — tap is so happy!
  20. Gene Kelly.
  21. The Scottish highlands and islands.
  22. Swimming — feels like flying.
  23. Rock climbing.
  24. Rope courses — stepping out of my comfort zone.
  25. Manicures. First, to stop biting my nails. Then, to reward.
  26. Homemade soaps.
  27. Farmer’s Markets.
  28. Cooking with Andrew
  29. Playing video games with Andrew
  30. Philosophizing with Andrew — of all the things I love to do with Andrew, these are my top three
  31. Going to the movies by myself. And taking notes.
  32. Observations of the world.
  33. Dogs; specifically, I love when they are happy and fulfilled.
  34. Cats; specifically Purrface.
  35. Sherlock Holmes.
  36. Benedict Cumberbatch.
  37. Cate Blanchett.
  38. Live theater. And taking notes.
  39. A great book series. Or four.
  40. Reconnecting with old friends
  41. And finding kindred spirits in a short span of connection
  42. Knowing other INFJs (the redeeming part of my Myers Briggs experience)
  43. Exploring the Enneagram.
  44. Kindle reading, especially while travelling.
  45. Beer, especially in Amsterdam.
  46. Amsterdam.
  47. Naps.
  48. Pinterest!
  49. Wellow, specifically my Grandfather’s cottage.
  50. Reading and exchanging ideas with Granddad.
  51. Sitting on benches, reading.
  52. Passports.
  53. New jeans.
  54. Lists.
  55. Finishing things.


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M. is a Content Strategist and creative in Sydney, Australia

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  1. Brilliant! Just missed ‘writing’ as one point on your list, but I guess the pens might refer to it.


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